Dear Santa

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa

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"Dear Santa" sign designed to capture the essence of childhood wonder. A whimsical border adorned with twinkling stars and festive ornaments sets the stage for the magic that follows. 

At the top, "Dear Santa" is written in bold letters, followed by the questions:

  1. Age: A space for the kids to proudly declare their age.

  2. Have you been very good or I can explain? A cheeky checkbox system with options for "Very Good" and "I can explain," encouraging a moment of self-reflection and honesty.

  3. My favorite thing about Christmas: A charming section where the little ones can share what brings them the most joy during the holiday season. Whether it's the twinkling lights, the aroma of freshly baked cookies, or the anticipation of snow.

  4. This Christmas I wish for: A blank space where the children can unleash their imaginations and write down their heartfelt wishes, be it a special gift, a magical moment, or simply spreading love and kindness.

The sign is then sweetly signed off with a line that reads "With love from," inviting the kids to add their names in their own adorable handwriting. It's a delightful mix of festive curiosity and the pure, innocent spirit of Christmas!



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